Movies, Music and Books

I see some blogs actually update their current tastes, so I guess I’ll add my no cents to that as well:

Just Watched: Long Way Round – Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman ride their schnazzie bikes from London east to New York. I love a good travelogue (I’m obsessed with Michael Palin travelogues) and this did not disappoint. I’m almost done with the series and I find it funny that, while I like both the guys, I find that Charley seems to be experiencing a steeper arch than Ewan. Ewan McGregor, as I expected, seems to be a really decent kind of guy. You actually meet his parents in the show, as well as Charley’s, and you can tell that he’s a very well-adjusted, down to earth sort of bloke. I guess his core values keep him very grounded as he, while still benefitting fromt he experience, seems to change the least albeit you can read on his face how much he misses his family. Charley, on the other hand, while not starting off as an asshole or anything, seems to exhibit the most drastic changes. Near the end and after overcoming so many obstacles, he seems to have evolved to the point where nothing gets him down. Where in the beginning he is obviously frustrated by the roadblocks that come there way whilst planning their trip (KTM motorcycles denying them the bikes for example) to the point where he throws an, albeit justifiable, tantrum. I don’t think post-trip Charley would be phased. Great series.

Just Downloaded:

The Soft Pack – Good alternative, rock surfer band. Reminds me of a combination Fleshtones and Velvet Underground.

Massive Attack – Splitting the Atom – I’ve dug these guys on and off for years, but this new title track is stuck in my ears.

Vampire Weekend – Contra – I get a lot of shit for liking these guys, but I don’t care. This is just good pop music.

I heard Werewolves of London on the radio (by accident…I was flipping discs) and got on a Warren Zevon kick.

I don’t know why I put it on a compilation disc for the car, but Ocean Rain by Echo and the Bunnymen has been stuck in my head for days…that and the remake of Que Sera Sera by Sly and the Family Stone has been too, since I saw that tearjerker Seven Pounds. Yeah, I get a lot of shit stuck in my gulliver.

Just Reading/Read:

To the White Sea – James Dickey. I really thought I’d like this more, but I was like “meh”. Guy gets shot down over Japan on the eve of a huge fire-bombing campaign and has to make it cross country to the mountains where he thinks, cause he’s from Alaska and shit, that he’ll be able to evade and survive for years. Something you’d expect Sarah Palin’s dad to write. Supposed to be poetic and poignant, but I thought it was a bit creepy and arrogant.

Murder Farm – Andrea Mariea Schenkel. Good read and it puts you sort of in the catbird seat of a murder. It’s like she’s handing you the dossier to solve it with a little extra narrative in between. Only problem is I solved it fairly early and there wasn’t much more. A creepy vibe, but not that creepy. It promises a shocking ending, but as with all murder mysteries, the reasons are usually pretty mundane.

I’m currently reading Pandora in the Congo – Albert Sánchez Piñol. This is a lot of fun as it both pokes fun at and joins in on the classic adventure tale. I look forward to my reading time every night for this one. Very tongue-in-cheek.


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