God, Evolution and Monkey Stew

I constantly rattle around my thoughts on religion, God, Evolution, Atheism in my head. I think about it way too much. I study history and religion as they are so intertwined, it boggles my imagination. I often ponder how these things started and try to astral project myself (I’m kidding, I don’t believe in that crap either) back to the days when the first monkeys started to climb down from the trees and walk erect. How the monkeys would clamor with disdain and shun the upright. How the monkey court would rule to banish them from the jungles and send them on their weary, erect way.

Centuries upon centuries would go by with the monkeys wallowing in their own superiority, secure in their knowledge that being a monkey and living in the trees was a privilege not to be trifled with. Then, in their monkey conceit, having been left to their own devices, the sting of realization would ring out through their bodies as the first dart hits them in the ass. Paralyzed they fall to the ground, not yet dead, but unable to feel the pain of their broken backs as they watch the naked apes clamor and cavort at their luck in bagging a nice, fat monkey for their dinner. The last thing poor monkey would see would be the family praying to their god(s) as they skin and eat him.

Irony is delicious, but bittersweet, and Evolution a cruel mistress that does not favor those left behind. Spiritual evolution is no different. Just like the monkey, those who did not evolve from many gods to one faded, and so too shall the one god give way to none. I wonder what the monkey stew will taste like then.


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