Cannibal Culture

We rape our own culture these days, based on movie fare over say the past ten years. Red Riding Hood…really? What’s next? Goldilocks? A precocious woman/child who tries to steal away some hot porridge in the form of a twink living with a “bear” and his tranny “wife”? In the end they kill and devour her to save their “boy?

C’mon Hollywood! I know you gotta put butts in seats and I’m no hater, but seriously. I think if we’re going to regurgitate our own culture we can do better than Grimm’s Fairy tales…(oh wait…wasn’t there the Brother’s Grimm? Which I dug?). I’m so disappointed to see us feeding upon ourselves like this when there’s a vibrant world full of stories out there. It almost makes me want to cease in my delusions of whoring myself out to Tinseltown for the next big blockbuster and all the accoutrements it will yield…almost. But even I can come up with better theft than Red Riding Hood. Or remakes of Psycho, Halloween, Last House on the Left and OMFG! Fucking I Spit on Your Grave!!!

Why can’t we remake good films! Citizen Kane? Cool Hand Luke? 2001: A Space Odyssey? Shit, I could go on forever, anon. Nope, we get Red fucking Riding Hood. I’m kidding about the Three Bears, but I’d bet a paycheck that it’s on the agenda of some studio board meeting somewhere. All I can say is, at least let me write the damn thing.


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