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Serial Killer Music

Posted in Uncategorized on August 27, 2011 by willard43

Certain songs, while I love them, just give off this unintended creepy vibe. Cases in point:

Superstar – The Carpenters

First, it’s a little sad that I’m here writing this while swilling bourbon and soda and listening to it like some 70’s divorcee. Gladly, I’m not crying, I just dig the songs. Something so irresistible about good pop music. But there’s also this creepy vibe you get from it like it could be some serial killer listening to this in his car on a cold night while he stalks his prey. Add to it the very eerie remake by Sonic Youth and you’ve got your movie soundtrack right thar.

Dancing Queen – ABBA

Once again, it’s so sickly sweet it just begs to be deflowered in blood. So innocent, yet there’s a hint of sadness. I could completely get how a movie serial killer could latch on to this one, remember how he was jilted at the junior high dance, and seeking his (or her) revenge to the tune.

Tuesday Afternoon – Moody Blues

This song just chills me to the bone. I know it’s about some dipshit smoking a joint out in a park on a lovely Tuesday afternoon, but damn if it doesn’t raise my hackles to the soul. One reason may be a dream I had about some poor children murdered and buried on a hillside, with this as the soundtrack. Also, there was an A&E American Justice about an army guy who murdered his army wife and they kept playing it. But the cringe factor started the first time I heard it. There’s just something wrong with this one.

Witchita Lineman – Glen Campbell

Oh good lord, another song that I love, but damn if it doesn’t scare the bejesus outta me. “…and I need you more than want you/and want you for all time”. I can just see this guy traveling the byways and picking off poor victims under the guise of a “lineman”. I can picture the movie scene of this guy cleaning off his tools as he polishes off his victim…bleck! I first heard it in the film Tarnation (Awesome!), and it just riveted me.

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida  – Iron Butterfly

This one is kind of a cop out (I really just wanted to have a top 5 creepy, serial killer songs), but it still fits. I think it’s just the length that is daunting. I could totally see how this would set off someone like Charlie Manson to kill a house full of people.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment. Do you have any to add? Any songs that just creep the shit outta you?



Of Cats, Calamities and Kubrick

Posted in Uncategorized on August 24, 2011 by willard43

My cat, Benson (and it’s not cause he’s black…my kids named him after a character on The Regular Show [<<<AWESOME!] not the Robert Guillaume 80’s vehicle) was completely enthralled by a quavering spot of light on the ceiling today. It was the reflection of the sun off of the coffee in my coffee cup, but he was completely hypnotized by it. He kept trying to get higher and higher to get a closer look. This went on for hours, until I moved the coffee cup to a different spot (just because not to fuck with him) and the swirling vortex of beautiful light disappeared. He freaked a bit. He’s a very friendly and playful cat, not yet adult, but I’d hesitate to say he was lovey (though he has his moments when he’ll just hop up on you and curl up, they’re rare…he’d more likely tried to fuck with you to play). After about 10 seconds I felt little paws tapping me on my leg and my hand, and his pleading little face looking up at me as if to say “bring back the sun, sir”. I felt so bad, I immediately returned the coffee cup to its place and brought back the pretty pretty lights. All was well with the world and Benson got up on the table and reveled in its magic.

It made me think, besides the cuteness of it all, of 20o1: A Space Odyssey for some reason. What must it have been like the first time some hominid realized the sun went down and it was dark? Or their newly acquired fire went out (a la Quest for Fire). It must have been terrifying.

And in turn, what kind of god must I be to have brought back said sun? Not much apparently, cause the little shit still steals my money off my nightstand (and it’s not cause he’s black), shits out of the litter box, and for some reason is fascinated by watching me get dressed out of the shower. If only I could parley my talent for reigniting his sun into making the little fucker behave.