The Blushing Shepherdess to Her Shepherd

(In Response to Christopher Marlowe’s “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”)

I would come to live with you,

And prove our Love’s treasures true,

Whatever place I surely will,

No matter valley, dale, or hill.


I’ll sit with you upon the rocks,

And see what our union unlocks,

By the shallow river’s flowing,

And to the tune the cardinals sing.


I’ll lie upon your bed of roses,

And strike heart-hastened lover’s poses,

While I don your flowered girdles,

Of roses, posies and doves of turtles.


Bedecked in woolen gown from you,

I’ll ponder not the lamb but ewe,

From whence and which those threads were pulled,

And how you managed these slippers gold.


I’ll proudly wear the ivy belt,

Even if the thorns be felt,

For your pleasures do move me indeed,

I’ll live with you and we’ll plant Love’s seed.


I care not for any silver dish,

Or if on it be meat or fish,

And it matters not on what we dine,

As long as it is yours and mine.


As for the dancing and the song,

I care for yours only as the day is long,

And those mind’s delights of which you speak,

Yours alone does my heart seek.


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