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I See the Sea

Posted in Uncategorized on December 31, 2011 by willard43

I see the sea inside of me

and the sea inside of you

you see the sea inside of me

and we two see the sea we see

that sea we see can see we three

and we all see a sea of see

to see that sea of see we see

is to see the sea we see

and other seas which see all we see

a sea of sees that see our seas

and the seas we see

inside of you

and inside of me

I see those seas beyond my sea

and the seas beyond your sea

and all those seas, those sea of seas

and I weep seas for all to see

no seas of tears for all to see

but seas of tears the seas can see

and in those tears, those sea of tears

is not despair for the seas I see

It is a sea, a sea of tears

for the sea, the sea in me

that sea with you

that sea we see

for in that sea that we do see

I see you and I see me

and I see the sea that we will be

like “tears in rain” falling in the sea

not lost from the sight

not lost to sea