The Pope

All this hoopla over the Pope, and what strikes me is this urge to believe that he resigned the papacy, (something unheard of since the middle ages), because of age and health. Look at his predecessor, John Paul the ?? He couldn’t even stand up straight, but he poped til he dropped. Now that’s old-school poping right thar. 

I guess the internet kind of insulates you because I rarely watch mainstream news without my lens of familiarity. I don’t watch Fox or read the papers any more, so I tend to follow people I share a common view or opinion. I’ve found that I can be quite surprised when, for instance, events like the pope resigning don’t impact me the way they do others. I find it odd what the major news channels choose to cover…to death. I guess the pope resigning is big news, but even CNN seemed to kowtow to the Catholic Church on this one. All those benevolent priests acting like there’s nothing odd about the pope resigning out of the blue…it’s comical.

And what about this pope? He was a Nazi Youth, but somehow that seems to have been forgiven. I wonder if the Church would have been so forgiving if he’d said he was an active member of the Gay Rights Movement? I’m thinking no, but hey, it was the 40’s, everybody killed a Jew or two in the Fatherland. And he was the Grand Inquisitor, wasn’t he? Ok, the organization is no longer called the Inquisition, but that is where it came from. He was in charge of all the secrets, so it would seem. I think that would make you a logical choice, as if they said nah, we’re going with someone else, what’s to stop the slim chance he would quit and go to the papers with all he knows about global, institutionalized pedophilia?

And that’s what I think it all comes down to; pedophilia. The church has been turning a blind eye for centuries, and their sins have finally caught up with them. It staggers my imagination that any family with children would even consider being a part of an organization that has condoned and protected this behavior, let alone a man whose sole job at one point was to keep those secrets to avoid the law and lessen the dollar damage these sins incurred. In essence, Ratzinger was akin to Ed Norton’s boss in Fight Club. His minions went about assessing the damage and seeing if they could get the families of victims to shut up “in the name of our lord Jesus Christ” or not and what the damage would be. Or, how much to pay them off?

And I’m not just picking on this most recent pope. The office of pope has been plagued with impropriety, violence, political intrigue, and war for time immemorial. Hell, the church itself dug up a dead pope, put the funny hat on his corpse, sat him on the throne and tired and convicted him. The Cadaver Synod, it was called. Pope Formosus was involved in some sort of intrigue, and his successor had him exhumed to what? Prove a point? Just a philosophical question, but if he made it all the way to pope, wasn’t that god’s plan?

On another note, I have a theory that the Roman Empire never really “declined” but rather transformed into the Roman Catholic Church. Fore example, the vestal virgins took vows of celibacy in order to watch the “eternal flame” of Rome. This could explain nuns, as the bible does not. Priests were similarly barred from sexual congress, and the grand poobah was the Pontifex Maximus or “Pope.” Funny little fact, both Julius Caesar and Augustus were both pope…what does that tell you? 

In conclusion, I guess what I’m driving at is that the pope is no longer the figure he was. And that is a good thing. It shows progress in my opinion. The decline of religion is evidence of evolution. Not Darwin’s physiological evolution, but a spiritual and philosophical evolution. From many gods to one, from one to none. It’s the logical progression and I believe we are witnessing a very important period in history. Unfortunately, I predict that the faithful will not relinquish their beliefs without a fight and who could blame them. I did not take my loss of faith lightly.


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