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Knobby Lobby

Posted in Uncategorized on July 3, 2014 by willard43

The Hobby Lobby decision was a very disappointing setback. One of many from this current Supreme Court. It would appear that it is less a position of wisdom and jurisprudence than one of politics and morality. How, in good faith, could anyone who lives in a country that thrives on the separation of church and state possibly look at this and say “yes, corporations are people and should be allowed to dictate values to their employees?” Sure, I’m a lefty when it comes to social issues, and I’m appalled that we live in a country where same sex marriage, drug prohibition and racial bigotry still thrive. Have we learned nothing? But I’m not just speaking from my liberal sensibilities. I’m also looking at the argument from the other side of the fence. I’m an atheist and abhor organized religion, but I’m also an American. Add to that I’m a veteran that laid my dick on the line to protect this country and its Constitution. Even those I disagree with, which is primarily the Religious Right and the Tea Party. This, though I’m doubting they see it, is a blow to them as well. Why, you might ask? Because it forces the debate about religion in this country. I believe that a person’s religious beliefs, mine included, are sacred. However, I also believe they are private. And they should remain private. Furthermore, if I were a religious person I’d want them to remain so. Why? Because once they become part of the legislation, they will no longer be so. By that I mean, now that corporations can impose religious views on their employees, there’s nothing to stop an “atheist” corporation from doing the same. I also see this as a stepping stone to eliminating the tax exempt status of religious organizations. Bear with me…if corporations are people, and as such they have religious, won’t that marriage expose them to taxation? I am 100% in favor of making churches pay taxes. I defend their First Amendment right to be and to practice their religion without hindrance, just like I expect the right to enjoy my same freedom from religion and of speech, guaranteed in the same amendment. But I pay taxes. And every club or association I belong to does as well. I think it’s high time that if religion, having been a part of the political landscape for a very long time, pays its dues. You want to decide the rights of your employees based on your religious views, being a corporation and a person and all, then pay taxes like everyone else. After all, your church is really just a private club for you to hang out in and feel superior to even other members of your religion. Pay your dues!